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What is TeleHealth?

TeleHealth is rehabilitation services using electronic communication technologies as an
alternative to face to face interactions. During this COVID 19 pandemic, TeleHealth can be a
safe alternative for patients to keep in touch with their therapist when an in person appointment
is not possible due to safety concerns and guidelines laid out by Canadian government and
health authorities.

Patients can expect to receive the same safe quality care as an in person appointment with their
therapist. Therapists are expected to meet the same standards of practice regardless of how the
services are delivered.

What are the risks of receiving care via TeleHealth?

The risks of receiving physiotherapy or chiropractic care will be outlined in the patient consent
form you will sign prior to your appointment. The only additional risk associated with TeleHealth
relate to the privacy of your personal health information and your personal safety. Your therapist
will use appropriate technology in a proper setting to ensure that your personal information is
kept secure and private.

What are the benefits of TeleHealth during this COVID 19 pandemic?

For current patients of The Physio Center Inc. TeleHealth is a great way of ensuring you
continue to progress in the right direction with regards to your current issue you sought care for.
You have come to know your therapist and trust their advice, so relying on their professional
expertise to guide you in your recovery is the best option when in person care is not advised.

For other individuals, who have sustained new injuries or underwent surgical procedures,
rehabilitation is a very important part of the process to ensure you make an optimal recovery.
One of the most essential components of recovery is exercise; our therapists specialize in
exercise prescription and will give you a personalized program tailored to your needs. In
addition to this your therapist will be able to provide evidence based recommendations as a
trained professional with clinical experience….Google can’t do that!!

Do I have to pay for Tele Health services?

You can contact our clinic via email or telephone, and a therapist will get back to you within 48
hours.  Our current fees of $80 for assessment and $60 for follow up appointments still apply.
You should contact your private insurance provider or third party coverage provider to determine
your specific insurance coverage

Contact us at physiocenter@pei.aibn.com or 902 436 5438 with any questions you have!