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Do I need a referral from a doctor?
No, a doctor's referral is not necessary to be treated by a therapist as they are a primary health care professional, just like your doctor or dentist.  However, many insurance companies require a written referral from a doctor before covering the expenses of your physiotherapy or massage therapy treatments. Most insurance companies do not require a referral if being treated by a chiropractor.
If you have a referral, please bring this to your appointment.

What happens at my first appointment?
You will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire before your appointment pertaining to your current injury, past or current medical conditions, and medications. Your first appointment will last between 40 minutes and 1 hour, during which time your therapist will assess your injury and answer any questions you may have regarding healing time, treatment plan, etc.  You will be assigned exercises to be done at both The Physio Center and home, and may be informed of modifications you can make to your daily activities to avoid further injury.

I hurt myself at work. What happens now?
You must file the proper paperwork and claim forms (found online at http://www.wcb.pe.ca):
- Employer Form (Form 7): Your employer will need to fill out the necessary forms and fax or mail them to the Workers Compensation Board office in Charlottetown.
- Employee Form (Form 6): You have to fill out a claim form and fax or mail it to the Worker's Compensation Board office in Charlottetown.
- Physician Form (Form 8): See your physician for a referral and a Workers Compensation Injury Report.

When all paperwork has been filed, contact WCB:
- Find out if you've been approved for Physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatments. (WCB will not approve Massage Therapy services).
- If approved, call us to book your first appointment. Please have your case worker and case ID information if applicable.
If you are not approved at the time of your appointment, payment will be required from the individual.


How do I pay for my treatment?
Private Insurance:
Most insurance companies cover Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic treatments. We can direct bill Physiotherapy and  Chiropractic treatments for patients with Chamber of Commerce, Greenshield, Great West Life, and Sunlife ( Exempt the Public Service Health Contract #05555),  provided  your plan allows online direct billing. For Massage Therapy, we can only direct bill services for individuals with Medavie Blue Cross and Greenshield coverage.
If we are not able to direct bill for your treatments, your insurance company will require the original receipts of your treatment showing that it has been paid in full, as well as your doctors referral. Most private insurance companies have toll free numbers for you to call to inquire about this process.

Worker's Compensation Board:
We bill directly to WCB for approved Physiotherapy and Chiropractic cases. The Workers Compensation Board does not cover Massage Therapy expenses under any circumstance.

Motor Vehicle Accidents:
You must first max out your private insurance before your motor vehicle insurance will cover your treatment costs. To receive coverage for treatments in the case of MVA's, you must first be approved by the motor vehicle insurance company.

Department of Veterans Affairs (Blue Cross):
We are able to direct bill DVA for approved cases.

RCMP (Blue Cross):
We are able to direct bill the RCMP for approved cases.


How much will my appointment cost?
Initial Assessment (Physiotherapy and Chiropractic) - $70.00
Subsequent Visits (Physiotherapy and Chiropractic) - $55.00
Initial Assessment (Vestibular Rehabilitation) - $110.00
Subsequent Visits (Vestibular Rehabilitation) - $70.00

Initial Assessment (Dietetics) - $80.00
Subsequent Visits (Dietetics) -  $55.00
Group Initial Assessment - Max of 4 (Dietetics) -  $120.00
Group Subsequent Visits - Max of 4 (Dietetics) -  $80.00
Weight Checks (Dietetics) - $20.00
Massage Therapy (30 minutes) - $70.00
Massage Therapy (45 minutes) - $80.00
Massage Therapy (60 minutes) - $90.00
Footmaxx Orthotics - $300.00 to $370.00 depending on what type you require

What information we require for your file when you call or drop in to make an appointment:

-Full Name                      - Family Physician
- Date of Birth                  - Referring Physician
- Phone Number            -  Area of Concern
- Mailing Address           - Insurance Company for coverage (if applicable)
- Next of Kin                     * Please notify us if the injury is due to a Motor Vehicle Accident or Workers Compensation Accident.